The Author David Smale

David is a freelance writer living in the Kansas City area.

He has covered sports—professional, college and high school—for more than 40 years for various publications and outlets. He has published 23 books (and counting), mostly on sports history. He has written thousands of articles for magazines and newspapers. Feature articles are his favorite because they bring out the personal side of the subjects of his stories. He also enjoys helping other people tell their stories. He and his wife have been married for 40 years. They are the proud parents of two grown children and happily spend time with two beautiful granddaughters. He is active in his church and community.

Enjoy Our New Podcast

For more than 40 years, David Smale has been interviewing people for books or articles. He decided to give listeners and viewers a peek behind the scenes at some of those interviews. Each week, we'll post new episodes with people in sports, like Joe Lunardi, Bill Snyder, Kevin Harlan and so many more.

David in the Media

Watch for David on the air, in the news or at your local bookstore.

If you haven't seen or heard David live, you can catch up on many of his past shows.